Latest Updates
Date Update
2-24-2016 Updated Links page
12-21-2015 The Genealogical Events web site has been entirely reformatted and changed back to the Tree Pad style.
4-22-2015 The Genealogical Events Project web site has been returned to this format due to reported file corruption in the previous site.  
3-23-2013 Removed header graphic
Revised site format for all pages
Changed over Site Updates from text format to table format
1-31-2013 Added new topic Classes - Instruction to Navigation Tree
Fun Stuff topic was removed previously as this was causing formatting issues on some of the pages in this web site.
Previously changed Interactive Cemetery Web Sites topic to Woodlawn Cemetery Interactive Site.
3-2-2012 Removed the AtomZ search on main page and added Google search feature.
Updated format on all pages.
12-4-2011 Added Fun Stuff page which contains the local weather forecast from Weatherbug and Cluster Map. Reformatted all pages and changed top page graphic.
2-7-2011 Added new topic in Navigation Tree RootsWeb Gen Events Email List.
1-8-2011 Added new topic Interactive Cemetery Web Sites and new Sub-topic Woodlawn Cemetery in the navigation tree.
8-25-2010 Updated links in the Links topic for the California Genealogical Society and Library and the Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research Library   
Corrected formatting and text spacing in the Links topic table.
Added list of genealogical and historical societies for California in the table in the Links topic.
5-28-2010 Added Photographs topic for photos that were submitted for past, present, or future events. Photographs to be part of permanent Genealogical Events site content.
4-01-2010 Added links to Event Dates & Location page table to each state under Event Details by State.
Added return link to Event Dates & Location page on all Event Details by State pages.
Renamed title on page Events Schedule to Event Dates & Locations.   
Updated formatting for entire site.
Changed site title in header to USGenWeb Genealogical Events Project.
6-16-2009 Revised Navigation Tree text Current Event Details to Current Events
Revised Current Event Schedule to Event Schedule, revised Latest  Updates to Site Updates,
Revised About the Genealogical Events Project to The Genealogical Events Project.
5-15-2009 Added New Museums and Societies section. Added new information about new Missouri Civil War museum.
4-24-2009 Moved site search explanation to Navigation Tree under Search This Site.
Expanded explanation text as to what the USGenWeb Genealogical Events project means on main page.
4-7-2009 Added explanation note to main page about USGenWeb membership verses submitting an event. 
3-30-2009 Reorganized navigation tree
Change name of section Current Events to Event Details.
Changed name of section Latest Events to Event Schedule. 
Changed arrangement of Event Schedule table to calendar type of format.
12-15-2008 Added table to man page showing all states and active links to states that contain active event information.  
12-05-2008 Added Monmouth County Genealogical Society link to Genealogical Sites section.
11-21-2008 Removed International Events section. Renamed National ⁄ System⁄ Local Events to Current and Future Events.
Removed Special Events section.
Renamed Submitted Genealogical Sites section to Genealogical Sites and added explanation text to this section
Renamed Latest Site Updates section to Latest Updates. Navigation and Content tree has been reorganized.
11-19-2008 Removed data for archive.
11-9-2008 Revised text and arrangement of text on main page
11-8-2008 Added Events Archive section for all past event information archival.
Removed all state links in the National ⁄ State ⁄ Local section that do not contain any current event information. 
Added text to main page that lists states where no event information has been submitted. 
10-29-2008 Moved non current events to Events Archive section in appropriate state section.
9-15-2008 Added Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck web site URL to Submitted Genealogical Sites section
9-2-2008 Added Stephen Morse and the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, Inc (PGSCTNE) to Submitted Genealogical Sites section.
8-22-2008 Added additional information to September 28 New York event "Researching Genealogical Resources in Ireland Long-Distance".
8-212008 Added Bell County Kentucky Genealogical Society and Mark Lowe genealogist links to Submitted Genealogical Sites section. 
Revised New Events Added to Site section to show latest additions on top of table.
8-20-2008 Added New York Irish History Roundtable link to Submitted Genealogical Sites section.
8-12-2008 Moved all non current events to Events Archive folder under the appropriate state.
5-29-2008 Moved all non current events to Events Archive folder under the appropriate state.
4-18-2008 Added Arizona Genealogical Board and Arizona Genealogical Society links to Submitted Genealogical Sites section.
4-13-2008 Updated event information for the Illinois Genealogical Society 40th anniversary conference
4-1-2008 Added Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc, and Reno County Genealogical Society links to Submitted Genealogical Sites section.
3-19-2008 Moved all non current events to Events Archive folder under the appropriate state.
3-4-2008 Revised format of main page. Added Search feature and page counter to main page.
Reorganized Navigation and Content Tree to alphabetical order and Tree will appear in closed status when site is first opened.
Changed National Events section name to National ⁄ State⁄ Local Events.
Added Latest Site Update to show latest site changes.
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