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Although this web site is special project within the USGenWeb, submitting your event information DOES NOT automatically make you a member of the Genealogical Events project or the USGenWeb. The USGenWeb is supporting this project as a service to any person, family, organization, society or group that wants to promote a genealogical event anywhere in the US or the entire world. Promoting genealogy is what the USGenWeb is all about! The Genealogical Events project is this web site which is managed solely by Joe Markovich. There are no other members of this project.

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Genealogical Event Guidelines
Just what is considered a genealogical event is a common question submitted to this web site. A genealogical event can be anything from a family reunion, a local, state, national, or international event, an opening of a new museum to the announcement of a new historical or genealogical society. The following are examples of genealogical related types of events.   
To submit your event to this web site, please include the following information in your email:

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